Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Flowers = Lots of Pollen

Wow! I heard today that this year is the worst year for pollen since 1997. Normal counts are around 1500. This year, in the Wilmington area, the counts are 5000.

Our backyard studio gardens are proof that pollen is heavy this year. Last weekend, it seemed like there was a yellowish-green fog over the city. Now, that's some thick pollen. Thank God, it rained last night. That helped settle some of the pollen dust.

I love Spring though. It just reminds me of a fresh start - a new beginning. It's like once the cold, winter weather is gone, people come alive. I see folks outside exercising, playing with the kids, going to the beach. People seem to smile more.

This weekend is the Azalea Festival in Wilmington. We had the privilege of photographing several of the Azalea Belles. It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend. So, there will be lots of outside activity for the festival. If you are going, have a great time!

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